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This page describes various Solar solutions and Topics

This array was put up in Mason by HAREI. 

This array was put up in Mason by HAREI.

Sharp unveils 580 W TOPCon solar panel with 22.45% efficiency

Solar & Battery Storage to Make Up 81% of New U.S. Electric-Generating Capacity in 2024

US market’s top 10 solar panel brands

Making Solar Work for Everybody

Investigating smoke dispersion in rooftop PV fires

Solar cell prices hold steady as market weighs feasibility of increasing prices

US residential solar prices falling amid surging interest in storage

Rooftop PV could serve 45% of US electricity demand, says Environment America

'Sustainable’ module prices unlikely to fall further

Sharp unveils all-black 425 W TOPCon solar panel with 21.76% efficiency

Municipal Solar Grant Program

Thin Film Solar Is Finally Having A Moment, And It’s Going To Be Wild

U.S. Solar Installations Skyrocket in 2023 in Record-Setting 1st Full Year of Inflation Reduction Act

Massachusetts expands solar net metering, bucking a national trend

Tests show rooftop fires propagate slowly with vertical PV systems

Bethleham town solar project 3-minute video

New method to find right tilt angle for PV systems located in high-latitude, cold regions

Energy Toolbase Platform Adds Solar + Storage Modeling to Show Utility Bill Savings

Made-In-The-USA Monocrystalline Solar Cells: Not A Dream Anymore

Walmart makes big commitments to solar energy

Researchers discover additive that enhances perovskite coating process 

Perovskite-CIGS tandem solar cell based on fexible steel substrate achieves record-breaking efficiency of 18.1%

Off-grid solar bench with wireless charging

New guide helps US homeowners to go solar

Solar cell prices fall for 3rd consecutive week

Solar to contribute over 60% of new U.S. electricity generation in 2024

Here is a write up about Solar Array Wiring Considerations.

Data from 3 solar systems in Mason can be found HERE.

Charts comparing three solar systems in Mason can be found HERE

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