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This page describes various Solar solutions and Topics

This array was put up in Mason by HAREI. 

This array was put up in Mason by HAREI.

Turning EV charging centers into islanding solar microgrids

Addressing the intricacies of BIPV fire safety

Ballasted racking from PowerField Energy scales up to utility-scale installation

Solar generated 7% of U.S. electricity in April

Solar power’s greatest challenge was discovered 10 years ago. It looks like a duck.

Community Solar Is Clean, Renewable Energy For Everyone

Unlocking The Potential Of Commercial Rooftop Solar

The Solar Industry Gained Jobs Last Year. 

Texas curtailed 9% of solar generation in 2022

Choosing The Right Battery For Your Home Solar System

U.S. Solar & Wind Power by the Numbers - Q1'23

SOLAR 2023: Transforming The Energy Landscape For All

Solar Is King 2023 — 50% Global Growth Predicted

Community Solar: Panels Without A Roof

Perovskite Solar Cells On Glass: Another Reason Why Fossil Fuels Are Toast

From Policy To Prosperity: Solar Is Supercharging American Communities After One Year Of Energy Incentives

2022 Was Another Big Year For Hybrid Power Plants — Especially PV + Storage

Over 155 GW of U.S. solar manufacturing announced in one year

Mitigating residential duck curve via solar pre-cooling

U.S. Solar Panel Shipments Set Record High In 2022

How long do residential solar inverters last?

Solar cost shift? 20 minute video

How Solar Power Got So Cheap … So Fast

The top 10 states for residential solar

Solar module prices are falling, with no end in sight

Solar contributed 45% of electricity generation capacity additions in the first half of 2023

Residential solar average payback period is 8.3 years, said EnergySage 

Volt Solar Tile — The Roof Of The Future?

NREL Explodes Solar Panel Waste Myths

Rural Solar Opponents About To Face Tsunami Of PV

People Are Okay With Wind & Solar Installations In Their Neighborhoods, Studies Say

Why & How Solar Production Will Accelerate Over The Next Few Years

Here is a write up about Solar Array Wiring Considerations.

Data from 3 solar systems in Mason can be found HERE.

Charts comparing three solar systems in Mason can be found HERE

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