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This Page Contains Information About Community Power

Community Power is all about saving residents money.  It is about the ability to pool resources and purchase electricity in bulk. 

Community Power uses bulk buying power to reduce electricity rates.

Watch this video: from Peterborough

Mason is moving forward with community power.  The Mason Energy Aggregation Committee holds public meetings the last Monday of every month at 7 PM in the Mann House in Mason. 

Mason has submitted a warrant article to the Mason Select Board for consideration. 

The Warrant article can be viewed here:

Version One of Mason's Community Power Plan can be found here: 

There are generally two main reasons towns resort to Community Power: first to reduce rates and second to have more renewable energy options available.

Typically a town would have a plan that has multiple options to choose from including an option to "opt out" of Community Power.


Even though it may not save a lot of money, Community Power gives a community more control over sourcing and can give consumers the opportunity to choose renewable energy. 

While renewal energy sources maybe a bit more expensive at first, it is NOT because it is not available it is because the demand is so high!

There are a two brokers or services that  Mason is considering for assistance with Community Power:

Standard Power and Community Power Coalition of NH (CPCNH).

Natural Gas Spot Price Forecast for 2024 & 2025 - This will affect the price of power.

Must read for Community Power -  NH consumer advocate urges scrutiny of three towns' community power programs

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