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This page provides information Energy Storage for homes and EVs - Batteries. 

Aqueous Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices. Invented in NH!

All battery power, everywhere, all the time

Home batteries carried the load

New Sodium, Aluminum Battery Aims To Integrate Renewables For Grid Resiliency

World’s largest used EV battery power facility in California

Researchers Report Progress On A Solid-State Lithium-Air Battery With High Energy Density

GM Puts $650 Million Into Securing Its US Lithium Supply

U.S. Energy Storage by the Numbers Q4 2022

They’re Drilling For Liquid Gold In Texas

Energy Storage Can Help People With Disabilities Through Extreme Weather Events

New Energy Storage In-A-Can To Balance EV Charging At Convenience Stores

Next-Gen EV Batteries From Wood Pulp: Yet Another Reason To Hug A Tree

Long-Duration Energy Storage Is Key To Cleaning Up The Power Grid

Home Energy Storage Is Getting A Flow Battery Makeover

Tesla Powerwall Gets New Competition In Anker SOLIX Home Energy Storage Battery

Aluminum-Ion & Lithium-Sulfur Battery News

GMP Requests Removal of Cap on Powerwall and BYOD Home Battery Programs to Expand Customer Access to Cost-Effective Backup Power

Solid-State Batteries Get Another Step Closer — “Breakthrough In Stabilization”

Sulfur Selenium Solid-State Battery From NASA Breaks Energy Storage Boundaries

New Flow Battery Lasts All Year On Simple Sugar

The Top 4 Solar Batteries Of 2023

The Tool To Build A Better Battery

Batteries The Next Step For Billionaire St Baker’s Energy Ecosystem

Better EV Batteries Start On Factory Floor With New “Dry Manufacturing” Method

Massachusetts greenlights 800 MWh battery energy storage facilities

Solar-plus-storage evaluated for resilience at seven Florida community health centers

The Solid-State EV Battery Code Is Starting To Crack

Tesla solar down 38%, energy storage up 222% in Q2

A second life for EV batteries? Depends how long the first is

2022 was a big year for EV battery plants in the U.S. 

EV batteries alone could satisfy short-term grid storage demand

EV Batteries 101: The Basics

New Study: How Long Do Electric Car Batteries Last? 

EV Battery Life Better Than Expected in Study of 15,000 EVs

Battery News Today — Water In Texas, Hydrogen In Kentucky

CATL Announces New Battery With Improved Cold Weather Performance

An Ingredient In Toothpaste May Make Electric Cars Go Farther

Toyota Claims Solid-State Battery Has 745 Mile Range, 10 Minute Charging Time

Batteries Now Can Replace Old Power Plants

Energy Vault completes 25 MW/100 MWh gravity-based storage tower in China

And So It Begins: 1,000-Kilometer Route Yangtze Container Ship With Swappable Batteries

Progress Reported On Proton Batteries, With Green Hydrogen Bonus

Developing Nonflammable Electrolyte To Prevent Thermal Runaway In Lithium-Ion Batteries

Recycling Revival: Creative Problem-Solving For EV Battery Recycling

The Need For Better Batteries Is Clear

New Superfast Charging EV Battery From CATL Slams The Door On Gasmobiles

Batteries Available For Rapid EV Transition In USA Thanks To IRA

Ford aims to secure battery material supply with new Canada facility

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Tesla Powerwall Installed?

Liquid-Metal Battery Will Be on the Grid Next Year

Hoymiles introduces hybrid inverters for residential solar and storage

U.S. energy storage deployments to exceed 10 GW this year

Big Batteries Are Booming. So Are Fears They'll Catch Fire

Green Mountain Power Takes A Bold Step Toward Energy Resiliency

Here’s the Truth Behind the Biggest (and Dumbest) Battery Myths

How Are EV Batteries (Actually) Recycled?

New Solid-State EV Battery Factory Opens In Massachusetts

“Thinking Outside The Battery” To Dramatically Improve Battery Performance

Toyota to invest another $8B into North Carolina EV battery factory

Sustainable Trucking With Extended Life Batteries

ExxonMobil Aims To Be Top Lithium Supplier For Electric Vehicles, Drills 1st Lithium Well

Electric car battery prices are going back down faster than expected

Putting EV Battery Risks and Safety into Perspective

Why This Ultra Dense Battery Breakthrough Matters

Record-Low EV Battery Prices in 2023

New CO2 Energy Storage System Could Blow Past Li-Ion

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