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This page provides information Energy Storage for homes and EVs - Batteries. 

New Flow Battery Electric Car To Be Made In The USA

Homeowners improving solar-plus-battery payback period with VPPs

U.S. Battery Storage Capacity Expected to Nearly Double in 2024

SAX Power unveils all-in-one battery inverter for home use

Technology Driving EV Batteries for a Second Life: A Cost-Effective Sustainable Solution

New solid state battery charges in minutes, lasts for thousands of cycles

Sodium Batteries Challenge Lithium-Ion On Cost, Supply Chain

How To Ruin Your NMC EV’s Battery

Solar & Battery Storage to Make Up 81% of New U.S. Electric-Generating Capacity in 2024

Battery prices collapsing, grid-tied energy storage expanding

Green River Energy Center Quadruples Storage Capacity, Establishing Project as One of the Largest Solar + Storage Systems Under Development in the US

Sodium-ion batteries – a viable alternative to lithium?

EV Battery Prices Dropping A Lot This Year & Next

New VIN-Specific Tech to Log EV Battery Conditions

Enphase Energy releases control software for home solar, battery systems

CATL unveils first mass-producible battery storage with zero degradation

Nickel-Mining Plants To Juice EV Battery Supply Chain

CATL Claims New Grid Battery Will Experience No Degradation In First Five Years

Making More Batteries With Fewer Materials

Briggs & Stratton releases 6.6 kWh stackable home battery

The Southeast US Battery Belt Is Learning To Love EVs

Lithium-Sulfur EV Batteries To Be Tested By Automakers

Their batteries hurt the environment, but EVs still beat gas cars. Here's why

Storage requirements to mitigate intermittent renewable energy sources: analysis for the US Northeast - very heavy technical article.

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