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EV Sales Reach New High in Q1

Fees on EVs in NH - HB 191,​ $100 Tax being discussed.

Texas Continues Its Attack On Electric Cars & Trucks — To Implement $200 Annual Fee On EVs

US Electric Vehicle Sales Up 66%, Rise To 7% Of US Auto Sales

Almost Half Of Americans Are Ready To Buy An EV In The Next 5 Years

Insurmountable Obstacles To Mass EV Adoption? Think Again

EV Sales Reach New High in Q1

Here’s How Hertz Electric Car Policies Will Impact The EV Revolution

Franchise dealerships anticipate spending $5.5 billion on new infrastructure to sell EVs

Incentives & Lower Costs Drive Electric Vehicle Adoption In CT's Annual Energy Outlook

Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales Increased 70% In April 2023

Georgia is becoming a hub for electric vehicle production


These States Fine People For Owning Electric Cars

Innovation in EVs seen denting copper demand growth potential

How fast can the auto industry go electric?

EV Sales Hit a Record in the US. Now Their Popularity May Be Waning

Solar Power Growth Is Fast, But Electric Vehicle Growth Is Much Faster

Is Range Anxiety Really Worth All The Angst?

Everything You Need to Know About Servicing an EV

Vehicle To Load: Can You Power Your House With Your EV? Part 1

Can You Power Your House (V2L) With Your EV? Part 2

Auto Dealers, You Need To Electrify Your Marketing Strategies!

One Year After The IRA, How Have EVs Fared?

Renting An EV? Be Sure To Install These Important Planning Apps First!

Google Made An Android Auto Change That Proves EVs Have Arrived

Electric Vehicle Sales In US Hit The Accelerator Pedal

Battery Scientist Shares Her Electric Vehicle Purchasing Process

A simple way to make electric cars more accessible

America Grows Increasingly Divided on EV Adoption

2 Ways To Upgrade To A Tesla For “Free”

World EV Sales 15% Of World Auto Sales

Over 2.7 Million Electric Vehicles Operating In US

Simplicity Versus Audacity: BYD & Tesla Take Slightly Different Paths

EV Demand Is Not Growing As Fast As Hoped, But This Can Be Fixed

Why Renting An Electric Car May Be A Bad Idea

Why Are Legacy Automakers Experiencing So Much Angst Over EVs?

We Really Need To Get The EV Jargon Under Control

World EV Sales Now Equal 17% Of World Auto Sales

The EV Revolution Is A Done Deal — Prosperity For All Is A Welcome Consequence

The Real Reason EV Repairs Are So Expensive

Electric Vehicle Sales Continue to Grow, Despite What Some Automakers Are Saying

New Study Finds Electric Vehicles Are Driven Less Than Gas Cars

Car Dealers Are The Biggest Barrier To The Electric Car Revolution In The US

The Successful UAW Strike Portends A Successful EV Transition

What Happens If EVs Fail In The United States?

GM Expects Its Electric Vehicles To Become Profitable In 2025

Electric Vehicles & Hybrids = 18% of US New Vehicle Market

Here Are Three Reasons Why Electric Cars Will Soon Be Less Expensive

EV tax credit Info

EVs and the Grid
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