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Electric Vehicles

This page has information on Electric Vehicles - EVs

Postal Service pledges move to all-electric delivery fleet

A Tale Of Two E-Bikes

Mercury Marine Unveils Its First Electric Outboard Boat Motor

Fleet newsletter - good stuff about EVs.

Electric School Buses

The EV Transition Explained: Policy Roadblocks Releases Top Ten Lists for Model Year 2023

The Lectric XP Lite Electric Bike

Wyoming Anti-EV Proposal Dies In Committee — Where It Went Wrong & What They’ll Probably Try Next

Hyundai starts an EV subscription that you can end anytime

New Study Links EVs With Real-World Reductions In Air Pollution & Respiratory Problems


Size Matters — Enormous EVs Reduce The Benefit Of Driving An Electric Car

Toyota Calls On Science To Tell EV-Only Extremists That They’re Wrong

USPS Orders 9,250 Ford E-Transit Vans & 14,000 EV Charging Stations

New EV Models Spur More Satisfied Owners as Market Grows

IIHS VP Has Safety Suggestions Thanks To A Future Of Heavy EVs

Some EV Drivers Found A Fix For A Common Charging Problem

Minimizing EV impact on the grid

Strategic EV Charging Might Eliminate The Need For New Power Plants

What's The Real World Highway Range Of Today's Electric Cars? We Test To Find Out

Ask A Scientist: The Electric Car & Power Grid’s Shared Future

Unpacking The Latest Electric Cars Poll Numbers

Over 300 gigafactories will make tomorrow’s EVs.

EV Sales Reach New High in Q1

Fees on EVs in NH - HB 191, $100 Tax being discussed.

exas Continues Its Attack On Electric Cars & Trucks — To Implement $200 Annual Fee On EVs

US Electric Vehicle Sales Up 66%, Rise To 7% Of US Auto Sales

Almost Half Of Americans Are Ready To Buy An EV In The Next 5 Years

Insurmountable Obstacles To Mass EV Adoption? Think Again

EV Sales Reach New High in Q1

Here’s How Hertz Electric Car Policies Will Impact The EV Revolution








Myths about EVs

EV tax credit Info

EVs and the Grid

EVs and Fires



Mason NH Energy

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