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Review of Trek fx 2 e-bike.

2 battery E-bike offers more range and power.

Learning curve for fleet EVs and Hydrogen is steep and confusing.

GMs flexible EV platform for the masses.

Interest in EVs is growing globally.

EVs 101. (good FAQ)

Hertz to order 200,000 EVs from GM.

Fishing nets and EVs.

Which is better during hurricane (or power outage), gas or electric - it depends.

EV Q&A part 1

EV Q&A part 2

Is it cheaper to drive an EV vs gas?

Ford gives dealers an ultimatum. 

Light duty EV monthly sales updates from DOE.

EVs have lowest fuel costs of all light duty vehicles

EVs make up 10% of all new vehicles sold globally. (China leads the way).

US Legacy EV sales (not Tesla). 

New e-bike is a honey.

New E Bike claims to do it all. 

Electric Boats will be a big industry.

Why most people buy EV's, its not what you think.

What the inflation reduction act means to EV buyers.


Proposed NH EV laws under consideration now.

EVs provide energy security.

Inflation and battery costs could hobble the EVolution.

Another point of view on EVs.

JD power claims EVs and Hybrids have more quality issues than ICE vehicles.

Want an EV, get in line.

The most "made in America" cars are Tesla Model Y and Model 3.

Raw material costs for EVs doubled during COVID, blame Biden?

EVs are getting better every day.

Energy Star / UL Listed EV Charger Available Now.

How clean are EVs?

Ford is helping towns get EVs.


Basic EV questions to consider.

You bought an EV, what could go wrong.

EVs for public safety (police). 

Reasons why people buy EVs

What you need to know about your first EV


How much does it cost to charge an EV?

GM and Honda team up to make cheaper EVs

Drive Electric Campaign.

It's a good time and bad time for EVs.

Ford announces new EV production and profit goals in Europe.

GMs EVs as backup power sources.


A handful of metals and one country could determine the future of EVs.

It costs more to repair AND insure EVs.

Ford splits EV and combustion units.


How does cold weather impact EV range?


What would it take for Americans to get over range anxiety - 500 miles!

Where will city dwellers charge their EVs?


 eVTOL in 2022.

Michigan is trying to lure electric car makers.

US Government wants a robust EV charging network. Click here for the plan. 

Waymo partners with Geely to make electric AVs for ride hail in the US.

18 Best EVs for 2022.

Electric Boats attract investment.

A network to charge EVs is being developed in the Midwest.

New construction EV requirements in the UK starting in 2022.

For info on EVs in NH, go here.

A survey of EV interest can be found here.

Myths about EVs

EV tax credit Info

EVs and the Grid

EVs and Fires



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