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Give your landscape a Carbon-Positive Makeover.

NH saves utility partners earn 2022 energy star excellence award.

TX and La leading the way on Wind?

Wind farm is powering oil and gas platforms!

South Dakota and wind.

Wind Energy topics from DOE.

Rooftop wind energy, better than solar.

Offshore wind accelerates. 

Solar and wind power 71% of all new US power in 2022.

Floating offshore wind shot.

Solar and wind power by the numbers.

Benefits of wind energy.

Three Wind Reports from DOE:

Land based wind.

Distributed wind.

Offshore wind.

General Wind Energy Information.

First floating tidal power delivered to Nova Scotia, Bay of Fundy.

Offshore wind to drive down energy costs in New England.

Small wind turbines

Offshore wind turbines could mess with ships' radar signals.

Wind turbines without Blades - how it works and

Vortex wind turbines,

Solar panels are more efficient in cold temperatures - from Revision energy.

Regulator could prove solar’s NEMesis

Top 25 Corporate Solar Users Account For 14% Of US Solar Market

Expanding net metering cap will aid businesses and the rest of the Granite State too.

Solar construction costs drop, wind and gas costs rise.

Priorities for PVs in energy transition.

Solar panels on superstores.

The best solar roof shingles for 2022.

Solar energy and wildlife.

Revision energy training center.

100% solar community in FLA suffered no power outage during Ian.

Babcock Ranch in FLA survived Ian. (second story)

Solar and wind power 71% of all new US power in 2022.

Solar and wind power by the numbers.

4 Unusual uses of PV Technology.

13 Solar facts for the USA.

Utility-Scale solar projects have been delayed so far this year.

Ending net metering may not be all bad.

Small-Scale Solar is changing Hourly Utility Electricity Demand in New England.

Micro-Inverters vs DC Optimizers.

Sustainable aviation fuel from solar energy.

Safer, faster, cheaper rooftop Solar.


Solar panel recycling about to become big business.

The cost of solar has fallen faster than predicted.

Soon you will be able to buy solar panels from IKEA.

Solar in the shade

How Solar works part 1.

How does solar work part 1.5.

Solar projects on hold in the US. 


More proof that solar panels work in extreme cold. 

Solar panels that generate electricity at night

New solar panels don't need sunlight!

A glut of solar panels is coming in 2025.

Spray-on coating could make solar panels snow-resistant.


Municipal net metering in NH, from Concord Monitor.

Wind and solar by the numbers

More Hydrogen Fuel Cell EVs Are Coming, Ready Or Not

Airbus reveals plans for hydrogen fuel cell aircraft.

US department of treasury seeks input on clean hydrogen tax credit.

Green hydrogen microgrid.

Bosch to invest $200 in South Carolina hydrogen. 

For Hydrogen to be a solution, leaks must be addressed.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell skeptics and passenger rails.

Hydrogen powered passenger trains are here.

How clean is "clean" hydrogen?

Hydrogen to rescue nuclear energy?

Oil and Gas's pivot to Blue Hydrogen is falling through. 


Off-road racing using hydrogen cars.


$3B Hydrogen energy project in MS.

Aluminum Sulfur battery promises low cost energy storage.

Big money flows into energy storage.

National Renewable Energy (NREL) Standard Scenarios for 2022.

Green Energy Guide from Save on Energy.

High Fossil Energy Prices Could Paradoxically Imperil The Transition To Renewable Energy.

Induction cooking is heating up.

Heat pumps - they save money

DOE - Weekly Jolt - Heat pumps get money for manufacturing.

DOE newsletter - $43M announced to support energy transition.

DOE energy saving tip.

Demand response to shave demand peaks.

Sunnova's community microgrid.

A just transition to renewables.

DOE newsletter - EVs, Wind and Solar.

Greenwashing in industry is a problem.

5 ways to prepare your home for fall and winter from DOE. Part 1.

5 more ways to prepare for fall and winter from DOE. Part 2.

GM gets into the energy biz.

Wind, Solar and storage in the same project.

Big oil's real agenda on climate change.

Switching to renewables could save trillions. 

The facts behind hydro power.

Renewables account for 22% of US Electricity generation in 2022.

Renewable Electricity calculator, a spreadsheet.

Does turning the air conditioning off when you’re not home actually save energy? 

Time to ditch your old gas lawnmower?

MA passes historic clean energy bill.

Paul Krugman and the Inflation Reduction Act.

Top coal firm in the world cashing in on energy crisis.

Is coal mining increasing Kentucky's flood risk?

New heat pumps for old apartments.

Heat pumps prove themselves during a harsh winter in Maine.

Renewable energy has had its ups and downs so far in 2022.

Reframing Curtailment: Why Too Much of a Good Thing Is Still a Good Thing.

Solution to grid reliability 

25% of US energy coming from renewables. 

Blue states just can't quit that big oil revenue stream.

Indiana government stops net metering!

Big hike in natural gas prices will accelerate change in the utility industry.

Green ammonia can be used instead of natural gas for fertilizer production as well as power generation.

Fossil fuel industry cut jobs in 2021 despite growth in production.

Renewable power costs rise, just not as much as fossil fuels.

Rhode Island to be 100% renewable electric by 2033.

Clean Energy NH, YouTube interviews about renewables. (~6hrs in length)

Gas fired power is not all that cheap.

DOE Announces Breakthrough in Residential Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology.

Defense production act will accelerate clean energy 

Infrastructure law to connect more clean energy to the grid. 

Converting from fuel oil to heat pumps can save money,


Everything you ever wanted to know about charging an EV but were afraid to ask - Part 1.

Everything you ever wanted to know about charging an EV but were afraid to ask - Part 2.


A 100% renewable energy future is possible

Get the gas out of your kitchen

Consider a heat pump water heater to save money,


Amory Lovins: Cleanest way to address the energy crisis

IEAs 10 point plan to cut oil use.

Next generation residential energy - underground thermal.

Revel expanding EV fast-charging network.

Australia's largest microgrid goes online.

Pros and cons about nuclear power as green energy.


Faster at-home EV charging.

EV charging is a high growth business.

GAF vs Tesla solar shingles.

Progress on clean vehicles.


Where does your power come from?



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