This page contains "older" information about Electric Vehicles (EVs). EVs seem to be the most popular topic in energy right now.

France is converting gas cars to EVs! Read about it here.  It will be coming to the USA at some point.

Eli EVs begins production of a micro EV.

Audi to stop developing internal combustion engines.

Eli EVs begins production of a micro EV.

In 2021 Rolling Stone indicates there will be many nice EVs to choose from. Take a look and see which one you want.

Ford Mustang  to be added at the end of this year.

EV production is up in China.

VW and bi-directional charging.

Aptera unveils super-efficient EV with range of 1000 miles!

Federal tax credit for EVs is looking good.

GM commits 7 Billion to EVs

GM ups the ante.

Merchants Fleet Pivots to EVs

Rolls-Royce claims to have developed fastest all E aircraft.

The AP reports that the UK will ban all gasoline vehicles by 2030!



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