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This page contains "older" information about Electric Vehicles (EVs). EVs seem to be the most popular topic in energy right now.

GM to put thousands of electric vehicle chargers in rural America

States with the most alternate fueling stations.

Stop putting level 3 charging stations at hotels.

Charging lithium Ion batteries at different rates extends the life of the battery.

NH's first charging station from VW money is in Erol.

Why convenience stores are not putting in charging stations. (lots of ads)

Electrify America adds mega storage to charging stations.

35 states have approved charging stations.

All 50 states moving forward with EV charging.

Charging station gaps in the US.

Can I leave my EV plugged in overnight?

Installing EV chargers at home just got easier and cheaper. (not available in NH yet)

Lessons learned charging an EV in public

EV Charging network FACTS!

Smart EV charging for dummies.

How much does it cost to charge an EV?

Do the math.

GM partners with EVgo, Pilot and flying J to improve EV charging.

Auxiliary power solutions for EV chargers.

Super-fast battery charging.

GM joins the EV charging race.

25% of all EV chargers don't work!

World's fastest charging station - 15 mins.

Cautionary tale about the Penn State EV fast charging article.

100% Electric Vehicles = 11% Of New Vehicle Sales Globally!

EVs Could Account For ~90% Share Of The Market By 2027

Addressing Total Cost of Ownership of Electric Vehicles

Do Electric Vehicles Actually Cut Utility Costs?

Car Companies Are Now Bundling EVs With Home Solar Panels.

Winter & Cold Weather EV Range Loss in 5,000 Cars.

8 Cold Weather Tips From Ford For EV Drivers.

Will EPAs plan for broadened biofuels delay EV adoption?

Electric Vehicles Cut US Gas Consumption by a Measly 0.54%

Mustang Mach-E no longer recommended by Consumer Reports.

Emporia EV charger for $399.

Taking a long trip with an EV, make sure you buy the right one.

Global EV sales up 62% in the first half of 2022.

CleanTechnica  EV of the year.

Nissan LEAF awarded lifetime achievement award.

Ford is the number 2 EV seller in the US.

13% of vehicles sold globally are 100% EV.

EV sales are heating up. 200k sold in last quarter alone!

Solar EV for 25k.

EVs reached 6% of all new car sales in Q3.

How does the price of oil impact EV adoption?

Completely solar car.

Used EVs in a tight market (now qualify for a 4k tax credit).

EVs are greener than ICE vehicles.

Kansas PD buys Tesla Model Y says hybrid does not cut it.

First look at the Chevy Blazer EV.

Mustang Mach-E rated best car of the year by AAA. 

Tesla now makes more money than GM and Ford. 

Top 10 EVs of the year.

An EV Corvette is coming. 

Lexus unveils its first EV, looks like the Toyota bz4x, which looks like a Subaru

Tesla ends lease buyouts and stops providing charging cables!

Toyota finally enters the EV race!

Hertz to buy 65,000 EVs from Polestar

Nissan Leaf reviewed.

Honda's EV strategy.

For info on EVs in NH, go here.

EV Batteries Just Keep Getting Better & Better

10 biggest EV battery manufacturers in the world.

EV batteries last longer than expected.

EVs and battery fires - very good article.

How bad is the battery manufacturing process for EVs?

New approach to batteries is about to transform EVs.

Guide to EV battery life.

Ford has battery supply for 600,000 EVs a year.

Instant long duration energy storage.

Envision to build EV batteries in Kentucky.

How to care for your EV's battery.


Race for EV batteries pits conservationists against green energy 

James Bond cars enter the EV world.


Battery-Swapping Stations pick up the pace in China.

What drains your EV battery?

Most batteries for EVs come from China, this could be a problem!

Wooden batteries?

USA Inches toward building EV batteries at home.

F-150 Lightning Battery Specs

Sodium batteries to power your EV.

Tesla to hold  delivery event for EV Semis Dec. 1.

GM announces Sierra EV Denali 754 HP

Volvo and big electric trucks.

Ford reveals Police version of F-150 Lightning.

Toyota to build light duty  EV vans and trucks.

Walmart orders 4500 EVs for last mile delivery.

Two reviews of the Rivian R1S.

Hybrid electric system for Semi trucks.

Electric trucks are viable today, sort of.

Propane vs Battery Drive trains.

Do we really need a 9000 lb EV? 

Rivian R1T vs Ram TRX

Electric Vans are 25% cheaper than diesel

VW's mini bus is back, aging hippies get in line.

Electric Trucks and towing.

Sweden's Volta raises $260M for Electric Trucks.

Electric Work Van wars heating up.

Charging an EV - YouTube (mostly about an F150).

GM's Chevy Silverado EV already has 11000 reservations.

E-transit cargo van. 

Ford to double production capacity of its F-150 Lightning pickup truck

Tesla's Cybertruck works for the Police.

Lotus enters EV the market with an SUV.

Kia's EV9 SUV will appear in Europe in 2023 first.  

Are Electric cars cheaper than gas cars? 

This car has solar panels on its roof!

Maserati to bring 6 EVs to market by 2025.

Tesla raises prices on all their EVs.

Review of the Polestar 2.


This EV comes with a Drone.

EVs experience a breakthrough moment.

Subaru finally getting into the EV game.

Tesla expects 50% growth.

Cost cutting in Ford EVs.

GM investing in 4 factories to build EVs. 

GM pulling the plug on the Bolt.

Too much tech in this EV (Mercedes 2022 EQS)

Audi's EV Dakar Rally Car.

Mobileye and Zeekyr plan to build an autonomous EV for Chinese consumers.

VW amps up production

Polestar increases EV horsepower.

Ford to triple production for Mustang Mach E by 2023

Electric helicopter.

Electric Front End Loader.

A Tesla Semi?

Diesel crisis highlights need for EVs.


Electric Planes.

Battery powered trains.

Caterpillar goes into the electric train Biz.

Arrival is making an Electric Bus!

Review of Trek fx 2 e-bike.

2 battery E-bike offers more range and power.

Learning curve for fleet EVs and Hydrogen is steep and confusing.

GMs flexible EV platform for the masses.

Interest in EVs is growing globally.

EVs 101. (good FAQ)

Hertz to order 200,000 EVs from GM.

Fishing nets and EVs.

Which is better during hurricane (or power outage), gas or electric - it depends.

EV Q&A part 1

EV Q&A part 2

Is it cheaper to drive an EV vs gas?

Ford gives dealers an ultimatum. 

Light duty EV monthly sales updates from DOE.

EVs have lowest fuel costs of all light duty vehicles

EVs make up 10% of all new vehicles sold globally. (China leads the way).

US Legacy EV sales (not Tesla). 

New e-bike is a honey.

New E Bike claims to do it all. 

Electric Boats will be a big industry.

Why most people buy EV's, its not what you think.

What the inflation reduction act means to EV buyers.


Proposed NH EV laws under consideration now.

EVs provide energy security.

Inflation and battery costs could hobble the EVolution.

Another point of view on EVs.

JD power claims EVs and Hybrids have more quality issues than ICE vehicles.

Want an EV, get in line.

The most "made in America" cars are Tesla Model Y and Model 3.

Raw material costs for EVs doubled during COVID, blame Biden?

EVs are getting better every day.

Energy Star / UL Listed EV Charger Available Now.

How clean are EVs?

Ford is helping towns get EVs.


Basic EV questions to consider.

You bought an EV, what could go wrong.

EVs for public safety (police). 

Reasons why people buy EVs

What you need to know about your first EV


How much does it cost to charge an EV?

GM and Honda team up to make cheaper EVs

Drive Electric Campaign.

It's a good time and bad time for EVs.

Ford announces new EV production and profit goals in Europe.

GMs EVs as backup power sources.


A handful of metals and one country could determine the future of EVs.

It costs more to repair AND insure EVs.

Ford splits EV and combustion units.


How does cold weather impact EV range?


What would it take for Americans to get over range anxiety - 500 miles!

Where will city dwellers charge their EVs?


 eVTOL in 2022.

Michigan is trying to lure electric car makers.

US Government wants a robust EV charging network. Click here for the plan. 

Waymo partners with Geely to make electric AVs for ride hail in the US.

18 Best EVs for 2022.

Electric Boats attract investment.

A network to charge EVs is being developed in the Midwest.

New construction EV requirements in the UK starting in 2022.



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